Ryan Jenkins is the game developer at GameFix. An engineer with a bent for making games full of easter eggs.


His experience in the gaming and software development industry includes turning trampolines into game controllers, programming robots to work with children, gaming products for stroke victims and web games that bite.


Expect anything.


Melvin Sim was born in East Malaysia, and grew up in the city of Kuching. Now go check a map to find out where that is......


Melvin is a CPIT grad with a Bachelor of Visual Communication. 


On loan from the LootWinner team, Melvin directs art for GameFix and is a visionary lore keeper.

A brutal team leader in DOTA Melvin is not to be messed with. 


Jordan Halsall-Rae is from a small town on the West Coast. Full of country "charm", Jordan works as the Lead 3D artist, with a specialty in making (and breaking) character rigs.

During his spare time, he can be found at his other workstation, painting up hosts of miniatures, and scarfing down a cold can of baked beans




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